NATO Game Over

Update: report and pictures of the NATO GAME OVER-action

Through NATO, Europe is involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. European states train military forces for the NATO Response Force and due to NATO the US still maintains bases in Europe used for military interventions worldwide. During the Iraq war US soldiers deployed from their bases in Europe to the Persian Gulf. In Afghanistan NATO has taken the lead in the military occupation and a lot of European states have soldiers in Afghanistan. Last but not least, NATO nuclear weapons are still deployed in Europe. And they are as illegal here as elsewhere.

Peace activists from all over Europe will join in Brussels, Belgium on March 22 2008 for the first edition of ‘NATO - Game Over’. We go to NATO’s headquarters and close them. We will enter and inspect NATO for evidence of war preparations and the deployment of nuclear weapons.
‘NATO – Game Over’ is not a ordinary demonstration, neither is it a game. It is a nonviolent and resolute attempt to close NATO. Up till today, every nonviolent direct action at or around NATO’s headquarters was met with large numbers of police, miles of barbed wire, prohibitions,... a shameful waste of tax payers money. This will not stop us. Through nonviolent direct action we prevent wars and stop war crimes.

More information on the NATO Game Over-action you can find on the Bombspotting-website

Participants in the Youth in Action-project will take part in action training, press training, preparations for clown actions, ... on 21 March.
Action training is foreseen as well for people not participating in the Youth in Action-project but who are willing to join the action. These trainings take place on 20-21 March. Please contact us on international[a t]bombspotting[d o t]org if you want to join the NATO Game Over-action for more practical information.