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Participating Groups


Bombspotting campaigns against nuclear weapons since 1997. After the decision of the International Court of Justice on nuclear weapons in 1996 we can conclude that nuclear weapons in NATO are as illegal as elsewhere. After the model of the UN inspections for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq Bombspotting started with non-violent citizens inspections of military bases with nuclear weapons. This grew into a campaign of tresspassing actions with more than 1000 participants. http://www.bombspotting.org - international[at]bombspotting[dot]org

Vredesactie is a Belgian pacifist peace organisation and WRI member, mostly working with nonviolent direct action campaigns. It works on military globalisation, nuclear weapons and weapons trade. It is the driving force behind the Bombspotting-campaign and the direct actions against the Iraq war in Belgium (Trainstopping - blockading military transports). http://www.vredesactie.be - info[at]vredesactie[dot]be


alternativa antimilitarista - moc
alternativa antimilitarista - moc is an spanish antimilitarist network of local, autonomous, assembleary groups and WRI member. After a cycle of thirty years of struggle against conscription, its work is now mainly focused on counter-recruitment, reclaim the bases, and war taxes and militarization of economy, mostly working with nonviolent direct action. The group of Valencia started in 2003 a civil inspections campaign at NATO Response Force base near the city, and in 2004 performed a Trainstopping action during NATO military exercises. Since 2003, alternativa antimilitarista - moc network organizes around May marchs, actions and civil inspections at several military sites. http://www.insumissia.org - retirada[at]xarxaneta[dot]org


War Resisters' International

War Resisters' International is an international network of antimilitarist and pacifist organisations in about 40 countries, founded in 1921.

The international office, based in London, United Kingdom, coordinates activities of member organisations on issues such as conscientious objection to military service, war profiteering, and resistance to military bases.


Links to other groups active on military bases and activities


Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) - www.aldermaston.net


contact: hans[at]vredesactie[dot]be